Stick with the tools and workflows that worked before


I recently redid my whole website, my tech business subsite and my personal blog.

The main lesson is the following: Always stick with what you already know 🙂

That is generally good tech advice for online businesses.

I usually use WordPress with Divi or with professionally built paid themes from Envato Marketplace.

I tried something different this time… And I wasted soooo much time with it 😀 The theme I picked was awesome but did not want to do what I wanted it to do. It was a free theme that required the new Gutenberg block builder for WordPress which has it’s own limitations and learning curve…

After sacrificing some hours and a bunch of brain cells and nerves in vain. I decided to ditch the idea and go back to what I am perfectly proficient with. Divi, and professionally purpose-built themes.

This is what you can see here on my personal blog, on, and (At least in 2022 you see it 😀 it might change in the future.)

Stick with what you know. Stick with what has worked before. Stich with the workflows that worked before. 

Shiny new tech tools and solutions are easy to fall for. They will require a lot of time investment and annoyment. This includes websites, scheduling apps, video, and photo editing, cloud backup services, etc.

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