Why film industry won’t change and which parts of it can and should


I am happily spreading the word about certain leadership and career skills for people working in the film industry.

But this doesn’t mean I believe that film industry can be overall totally different one day.

But why I am still searching for the information, dissecting my own experiences, and writing about these is because it definitely CAN be soo much better than how it is now!

Let me explain.

During my research of leadership in film industry, one person I asked said: “There is nothing to it, it is just politics”.

Although that answer made me sad, and I was hoping it is not true, but it actually turned out to be partially true. Which I can live with…

The thing is: It is a high-finance art/craft. So politics will always play a part in it because of that.

People who value money and fame over human values, family, love, even creativity and professionalism will always be part of the industry, and will always work at the very top of this industry.

I don’t see why and how that would or could change.

What can and should change though is this:

They certainly are not the whole industry! And everyone who does value anything else than fame and money, can and should develop these skills in themselves. If they don’t, as it is the default now, they will find, feel, and create a lot of stress in themselves and in others.

“Nobody does what I say”, “I will never be as good as them”, “I will just take this one more job and then rest a bit”… etc. are great examples of these.

So no… maybe that star of the show you are on will never change. All they do might remain just plain politics for more money and fame. But that shouldn’t stop you from becoming something more than that. To live and work by your own values. To create success for yourself that does not compromise who you are. To become a great and caring boss or HOD you never had the luck to have.

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