Running published adventures in other languages than English


As a non-native English speaker DM, running sessions in a different language, I realized I need to do some translation before I can use the published adventures. They are not available in the language I’m running games in.

This way it takes more prep to run them, and I started thinking about how it’s almost as complex as running a homebrew one.

Sure it’s very useful to use these first, to get a hang of it, but once you kind of know how they build up…

This way you need to write up stuff anyway. So I started taking the written adventures very loosely. More like inspiration rather than an exact pre-made adventure. And sure… this is what even these books say. Take what you like and leave what you don’t. But somehow I imagined I could just run them straight out of the book.

Maybe you can, if you are running them to English-speaking groups. But in any different language… I need to prep a lot.

And because it’s not homebrew, I’m a bit more restricted about improvisation. There might be consequences that I can’t foresee, and change things down the line radically, so I need to throw out what’s written in the book anyway.

Again… I know that could happen anyway… And I should read ahead.

But again… I had that fantasy of running the game out of the book.

Anyway. I love these published adventures, they are just much more difficult to run if you are not running them in English.

I kept searching for the translated counterparts of the words during the session, etc. That was when I realized I need to do a lot of translation upfront.

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