Running published adventures in other languages than English

As a non-native English speaker DM, running sessions in a different language, I realized I need to do some translation before I can use the published adventures. They are not available in the language I’m running games in. This way it takes more prep to run them, and I started thinking about how it’s almost as complex as running a homebrew one. Sure it’s very useful to use these first, to...

Lessons from my very first D&D session as a DM

I have finally run a session, for 3 people. First ever 😛Before that I have run one in text chat for 1 person, and live for 1 person. 3 people around a table first sounded not so many still… but once they took their places around…. 3 is a lot! 😀 I kind of got intimidated by the amount of them :’D 2 of them have played similar things but not D&D in the TTRPG form. And one of...

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