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Exporting/backing up your google drive, and some traps in the way.

There is a great way to export all your google drive files (or actually all your google data) to move it over to a different account, ooor to dropbox, etc. It’s called Google Takeout, and you can reach the function at this URL: Although there is a special setting that can cause a bit of confusion. In the Takeout page you will see all your google services, but you can filter to export google drive...

Stick with the tools and workflows that worked before

I recently redid my whole website, my tech business subsite and my personal blog. The main lesson is the following: Always stick with what you already know 🙂That is generally good tech advice for online businesses. I usually use WordPress with Divi or with professionally built paid themes from Envato Marketplace. I tried something different this time… And I wasted soooo much time with it 😀 The...

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