Biz-Life Balance reflection of the Day

This morning both my wife and I woke up 2 hours early because our smallest child woke up too. The little one woke up probably because of the weather, and I myself had a horrible headache, and my wife was super tired. None of us were able to go back to sleep after that, and non of our pains went away. For this morning, I was planning on working. I didn’t have the chance to work on my main business...

Running published adventures in other languages than English

As a non-native English speaker DM, running sessions in a different language, I realized I need to do some translation before I can use the published adventures. They are not available in the language I’m running games in. This way it takes more prep to run them, and I started thinking about how it’s almost as complex as running a homebrew one. Sure it’s very useful to use these first, to...

Why film industry won’t change and which parts of it can and should

I am happily spreading the word about certain leadership and career skills for people working in the film industry. But this doesn’t mean I believe that film industry can be overall totally different one day. But why I am still searching for the information, dissecting my own experiences, and writing about these is because it definitely CAN be soo much better than how it is now! Let me explain...

Exporting/backing up your google drive, and some traps in the way.

There is a great way to export all your google drive files (or actually all your google data) to move it over to a different account, ooor to dropbox, etc. It’s called Google Takeout, and you can reach the function at this URL: Although there is a special setting that can cause a bit of confusion. In the Takeout page you will see all your google services, but you can filter to export google drive...

Stick with the tools and workflows that worked before

I recently redid my whole website, my tech business subsite and my personal blog. The main lesson is the following: Always stick with what you already know 🙂That is generally good tech advice for online businesses. I usually use WordPress with Divi or with professionally built paid themes from Envato Marketplace. I tried something different this time… And I wasted soooo much time with it 😀 The...

Lessons from my very first D&D session as a DM

I have finally run a session, for 3 people. First ever 😛Before that I have run one in text chat for 1 person, and live for 1 person. 3 people around a table first sounded not so many still… but once they took their places around…. 3 is a lot! 😀 I kind of got intimidated by the amount of them :’D 2 of them have played similar things but not D&D in the TTRPG form. And one of...

Handling Criticism on a Film Set

Receiving feedback is usually hard. We human beings just don’t like when others feel entitled to tell us how we should have done what we have done.

In a creative industry like film, it's a daily thing.
But it's not just creatives who encounter this, it’s also part of the technical side of filmmaking as well.

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